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Counseling Services Message 2020

Counseling & Social Service Message March 2020

Hello everybody. During these difficult and uncertain times, we know that we are all experiencing a significant amount of stress. During the lack of a regular routine it’s normal for us to start losing interest in maintaining a personal health routine and makes it easier for us to start taking up some unhealthy habits. As well as this, the social isolation we’re feeling can deepen feelings of depression.

Some tips for establishing a routine for yourself and/or family:

Maintain regular sleep schedule.

Shower and dress in the mornings (it will make you feel more human!) and do your best to eat meals on a regular basis.

Establish a reasonable exercise routine for yourself. This can include light stretching. Moving your body may be helpful to avoid ruminating thoughts. There are a multitude of exercises online for adults and children.

If you are able, get outside in the fresh air, of course, while adhering to rules of maintaining a safe distance from others.

Avoid too much social media and an overload of news consumption, as it can cause feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling “stuck”.

Reach out to loved ones by phone or internet for a catch up. You can help yourself and others by decreasing the feeling of isolation.

The Aisling Center continues to offer counseling services free of charge, via phone or Zoom. You can email our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to schedule a session.

In addition, here are some other resources:

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

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