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AICC provides Free, Private, Confidential Counseling by appointment.

Social Work Services is staffed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a
Community Care Co-Ordinator

We are delighted to announce that the Social Services has returned to the Aisling Center. We continue to provide free, private and confidential counseling services with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Siobhan Cornyn, LMSW. We also want to take this opportunity to welcome our new Community Care Co-Ordinator, Serena Walshe, BA.

Serena hails from Co. Galway. She has a background in Social Care Practice having worked with at risk children and adolescents in Ireland. As a member of the Irish immigrant community, Serena is acutely aware of the role the Aisling Center plays in providing needed support and valuable resources to the local community. Serena is a welcome member of our team. Please stop in to meet Serena and Siobhan.

The Aisling Irish Community Center offers a range of other preventive mental health and wellbeing programs to enhance the life of our Irish and Irish-American community. We are planning to offer groups, workshops and informational forums as we fully open up.

We have been isolated for the past two years due to the Pandemic and returning to normal activities can be challenging. Alcohol use is on the rise with all age groups. Anxiety and Depression is a serious problem for many as well. Some of the common symptoms include poor appetite, irregular sleep patterns, having negative ruminating thoughts and poor energy levels with no motivation to return to what life was like prior Pandemic.

There are some steps that you can take to help with anxiety, depression and alcohol use. Reduce your isolation by getting involved in activities such as the many programs and services offered by the Aisling Center. Also, incorporating a physical activity such as walking and yoga can be helpful. Finally, meeting with our Professional staff can provide emotional support and focus to get back on track with our lives.

Counseling by Appt. Monday-Friday and Weds. Until 7PM


For further information on our counseling and/or programs and services offered, please contact the

Aisling Irish Center directly at (914) 237-5121 or,

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