Young @ Heart Senior Group


Aisling Irish Community Center is the main provider of senior services and outreach for elderly people living in the Yonkers/Woodlawn area and one of the largest Irish immigrant resource centers in the tri-state area. We offer a multitude of comprehensive services and supports that addresses various needs for the Westchester/Bronx older adult population.

Our senior group, Young at Heart, meets every Tuesday and Friday for a FREE lunch. On Friday a Chair Yoga class is also held. Socialization among peers is one of the key components of our very lively group at the Aisling Center . Older adults have changing and diverse needs therefore we offer a wide variety of energizing and enjoyable programs and activities.

The senior program of events also includes guest speakers who come in to talk about various topics which are geared toward preventive care which enhances the mental and physical well being of each individual. Our main goal is to educate our participants with vital information which is relevant to the ageing population. A registered nurse comes to the center on a monthly basis and provides individual and group health counselling, nutrition advice; blood pressure monitoring and educational programs to help our senior population better maintain their health and well-being.

We also offer occasional day trips to shows, places of historical interest, and various shopping trips to local supermarkets and retail stores. We value the input and suggestions from the group members in all areas that pertain to the programming of activities and events.

Information on SCRIE, HEAP, MEDICARE MSP, EPIC, STAR, and Enhanced STAR is also available. We also assist with the completion of passport applications, pension applications, Centenary Bounty Applications and other forms. We offer links to resources and referrals to a variety of sources within and outside our organization.


Seniors and retired people meet here every THURSDAY at 11:00am to enjoy the reading group, as well as refreshments and lively conversation.


We provide a FREE lunch every TUESDAY and FRIDAY for seniors. This program has been made possible by the generosity of local restaurant and business owners who have committed to catering the lunches on a scheduled basis including: McKeon’s Bar & Restaurant, Prime Cuts,  Heritage Bar & Restaurant, Avitabile Deli, Hearty & Healthy, Irish Coffee Shop, Rory Dolan’s Bar & Restaurant, The Rambling House. The Butcher’s Fancy, Saints and Scholars, Keane’s Bar & Restaurant and Angelo’s Pizzeria.

Lunch Tuesday: 1pm

Chair Yoga Friday: 12:30pm

Lunch Friday: 1:30pm