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Shelly Hackett

25th Anniversary Manhattan Ambassador

Shelly Hackett, born and raised in Auger, County Tyrone, immigrated to America 8 years ago. She intended to only stay for a year, but lucky for us, she found her “home away from home” and is still here!

Both personally and professionally, Shelly is passionate about fitness. Having played with Manhattan Gaels Football and Liberty Gaels Camogie since their inaugural years, she credits her GAA experience with helping her settle into life in New York. She’s an avid runner, as well, and loves the mental clarity she gets from running. She worked as a nurse for over a decade in Ireland while providing physical training and sports massage on the side. Now, she brings that expertise to her clients as a trainer and Pilates instructor. Shelly has always enjoyed helping educate people to make better choices with their health and can be found on Instagram @shelly_hackett_health.

Shelly really values the close-knit nature of our community. Especially during the past year, when so many were isolated without their families, she saw the Irish community come through for each other more than anyone could ever imagine. Shelly says that it’s a comfort to know that you could reach out to any Irish person over here, and they would go above and beyond to help you, without even knowing you! She certainly reciprocates this caring spirit herself.

Shelly is ‘buzzed’ to be representing Manhattan as the Aisling Center’s 25th Anniversary Ambassador. “There’s no place like it,” she says. “I will never forget the first time I landed in the city, and I still have those pinch-me moments coming out of the subway even years later.” Come run a few laps through Central Park with Shelly on October 23rd and experience the excitement for yourself!

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