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Short Term Accommodations

Yonkers & Woodlawn Area

St James Guest House
Sleeps up to 12
Contact Bridget

Crestmont Avenue, Yonkers

Contact Pauline

McLean Avenue, Yonkers

2-3 Bedroom House
Contact Jack


Self-catering 1 Bedroom Apartment
Contact Caroline



Scott Avenue, Yonkers

4 Bedroom House
Can Sleep 10
Contact Carmel

Off McLean Avenue

Studio apartment with private entrance

Off McLean Avenue

Self-catering 2 Bedroom Apartment

Hyatt Ave/McLean Ave

Self-catering 1 Bedroom Apartment

Ridgewood Ave

Self-catering 1 Bedroom Apartment

Off McLean Ave

The above list is for information purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement of any of the accommodations listed.

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